Monday, February 19, 2007

Stupid New Blogger

I've been avoiding the change for a few months. But today, they finally busted my balls and forced me to switch. I don't even see what the big new deal is. Looks the same to me, with minor changes such as labeling your posts sos that others can search you out better, and now logging in through Gmail. Guess there was a buy-out or a merge or whatever the term is for that sort of thing. Whatever, the bigger question may be.....why am i writing at 4:45 am?

Well, yesterday after coming home from school, i felt placidly unmotivated, and decided to color. I wanted to watercolor, but only had markers available to me, so i did, and promptly fell asleep about 1/3 of the way into greenifying my lephrechan's hat. So, yes, I was again stricken by a classic episode of lazyiness. I slept through a dinner that never made itself, Week 1, Day 1 of Book 4, Beginning level Japanese, a walk around my neighborhood accompanied by my BFF, Mypod, Oh, and beginning my attempt to translate "emotion" by Natsumi Hirota, which is a comic book whose cover features a blond, short haired total lezzy looking J-boy and the main character, whose name I haven't been able to figure out because I'm THAT BAD at reading a book intended for about a 2nd grade elementary student. (Grade Level theory based on the fact that ALL the Kanjis have hiragana beside them in smaller font.)

So yes, I fell asleep on my couch at 6pm. (Mental note, do not leave my blankets downstairs, in immediate view, once home from school. Temptation, too great.) So, after dozing for 8 hrs, I awoke, became upset, and forced myself back to sleep. After awaking from my El Farolito/Mario's dream, I realized I was hungry and couldn't no longer be forced to sleep. I dreamt that I was with Traci, Pam and Gabby, waiting to order at El Farolito. I got up to the register, simultaneously peeking into my wallet, when I grew nervous.

"Puedo pagar con Yen? "

"Eh, yen?"

"Si, yen, si sabe, dinero japones."


So after learning that my friends are broke ass pigeons and couldn't spot my lunch, we decided to go next door, to Mario's. As any Mexican food aficionado from the East Bay knows, Mario's is on Telegraph while El Farolito is on International. Ha, ha, but not so in my dreams! In this beautiful world, they are practically holding hands. So we go inside, and I announce to the restaurant, "God, I love America." Uncharacteristic, maybe. But I was really happy, like really really happy to be there at that time. And i was hungry! So I order a carne asada burrito with sour cream and guacamole, covered in enchilada sauce, cheese and more sour cream and Guac. After a period of vague, dreamlike happenings, it is time to pay and leave. While everyone puts down their 5's, two 1's and change (i'll say it again, "fuckin' broke ass pigeons") I leave ni sen yen, (you know, for the inconvenience of the waiter having to explain it to el jefe), and leave. While leaving, I remembered my dream ending with my thinking "can't wait for dinner sandwiches from Geneva." I'm a total dream pig. Though, on my behalf, I will admit that in forgetting to take a lunch yesterday, I had an apple and like 7 mugs of green tea all day. Oh ya, and conversation hearts that my Mommy sent me in a package with my W2's, which conveniently arrived at school right at lunchtime.

So upon waking, I considered the options. Read? nah. Watch more South Parks? nah. Stu..nah. Make breakfast...mmm, later. Will feel too piggy eating before 7. You know, i try and abide by the Gremlin feeding after midnight. Clean? Fuck nah. Call California? Well,'s noon, but really, until I buy myself a portable phone, i really hate to be stuck on that cord for too long. Alright then, write.....the perfect combination of chill activity, not feeling like you wasted an hour, but rather satisfying one of your goals of wanting to call your friends and tell them your dream without actually having to.

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  1. Holy crap Toby this blog is awsome!!

    This may have to replace my previous home page.. I tend to have blogs as my home pages.. previous one the friend is getting lazy. you wont get lazy will you? It's IN!

    Dang Toby, umm. ok I still have to put the snow pics on yahoo crap. why dont u have faceobok.. aaanywho I hope we hang out soon! TTYL!