Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Focus Pills

I've known 9 Mikes, 3 Marissas, 4 Justins, 6 Rebeccas, 5 Amandas, 1 Mayuko and 16 Jennifers.

Yes, 16 Jennifers, Jennys, Jens. I counted.

Q. Why should I post this information?
A. As proof to the gods in why it should not rain violently on a day designated for me to get out and do something that involves talking to people. In English. Unconstrained, fast-paced, slang-riddled, sweet delicious English.
I had Japanese class today, but I shivered at both the cold wind and the thought of riding my bike in my plastic pants and shirt. I look so stupid in that hyaku store-bought rain gear. And I sound even stupider. Swish, Swish, swishity-swish-swish. Damn you, Spring. Damn you for your coy reluctancy!

Damn you all to hell.-Charleton Heston

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