Saturday, April 14, 2007

Privy me......

Oh silly, I'm doing just fine. There's no need to take things so personally. You ought to know my moods work like the weather.

I will admit though, that I was embarrassed by my gullibility. After hearing Dad's reaction to Ricky's exchange with Peter Answers, I grew angry that Peter would not answer me. I have a satisfactory imagination and I pictured Ricky's face turn pale as Peter magically responded with the description of dad's outfit. Even through the staticky connection of cellular speaker phone, could I feel it. Boy, did i feel like an idiot!! I spent about 45 minutes asking questions, wondering how long it would take for that motherfucking site to start answering my questions. Afterwards, I thought about how Ricky told me that I should just leave it alone and forget about it, as if he felt bad duping me. I wonder why. He usually likes that.

I hope he tells you his secret.

Ya, so it was nice talking to you guys today. I must admit it has been awhile since I felt far from home. Honestly, I have been busy, but with nothing particularly interesting. I tried counting how many weeks it has been since we last spoke. It had to have been after Rayna came home from that counseling center. I must admit that whole episode made me afraid to hear updates from home. Sure, today, everyone sounded happy and it was cute the way you all fought over the phone, but things just don't sound right. I'm worried, everything sounds so strange and messy. Very little is like how I left it. I really think Rayna ought to be in school. I would have tried to have a more serious conversation with you about it if the bottle of Tequila hadn't been out. How does Dad even get drunk that quickly? My god, within a span of 10 minutes, I could hear both his and Ray's voice turn Tequilafied. Jesus.

Rayna asked me if she could come stay with me for a couple of months. I think that may be too long for me to handle, though I think a month could do her good. Japan is a very peaceful place, healing in a way. Her interest in tea ceremony surprised me. I wondered how she could have known about that. However, she should probably work for it. Seriously, I'm not happy with this homeschool thing you guys are doing, and I'd want her to read a few books of my choosing, keep some kind of daily journal of world events given by a newspaper, as well as a couple other educational activities I'll come up. I'd love to spend some time with her. I miss her.

Anyhow, we can talk about this soon, I'm sure. There were alot of things that I didn't get to tell you. I guess since there are so many shocking stories to listen to from that end, that mine feel pretty boring. Sure, you could read this thing and see the places I've been recently, but I don't usually mention things like how the school year has just changed. Teachers have been transferred, and my desk and even shoe box has been moved. You, especially, know how terrible I am with change that doesn't come from my own creation. You know how upset I become when things are not in my control. I've been upset lately. Not because of the changes at silly would that be, right? I just want to do things right. I hate repeating mistakes.

Well, my new method of distraction is trying to be a better teacher. Oh sorry, assistant teacher. I'm not really a teacher, you know. This year, I am trying to put more of an effort in learning all my students' names, being more helpful, along with trying to become involved in school activities. This last week, I've been playing tennis with the girl's team after school. At first, I wanted to play with the basketball team, but as I walked into the gymnasium on Monday, I saw them doing push-ups and I remembered the way training used to be in high school. There's no way I could do that now. I'm just too out of shape, and I'd just be a laughingstock. So instead, I went to the tennis courts. That didn't look so hard.

Ya, I know, i know. I don't know anything about tennis. Sure, last year Griselda and I used to meet at the NoHo courts and hit the ball around. I didn't suck. It's because I have decent hand-eye coordination. Probably all those years playing softball and chilling at the batting cages. Anyway, I did okay and the team was surprised that I had no clue the way an actual game works. I suppose they figured that if I could keep my own in a game of tether, I must have experience with the sport. They're cute though, those girls. I prefer being at school to being at home. I think i'm finally feeling the emptiness of living alone. The charm of independence may be wearing off.

A few weeks ago, I met a Brazilian girl whose house I've crashed at, and I was so envious of her living situation. She has two roommates and they watch TV together at night, make dinner for each other, and have a little cleaning schedule. It made me miss having roommates, or living at home. She was envious of me, though, too. She works 6 days a week, past dark. Me? My job is pretty awesome. Life, ay?

I have a new recipe that you might like. I am going to send you a small box with the ingredients even though you can get them at any asian market. All you'd have to do is go to 99 Ranch in San Gabriel. It's maybe only 15 minutes from your house, exiting the 60 at Dad's offramp and drive up Paramount. It is kind of like that seaweed salad that I'd always order when we'd go for sushi. First, I boil some dried seaweed for about 3 minutes, then rinse and strain. Next, I cut up a couple of cucumbers and mix the two together. I found a bag of dried octopus that tastes like teriyaki jerky. Listen, it may sound gross, but Mom, it's me. Anyway, mix that in. Finally, pour in some sweet Sushi vinegar and flavor with pepper and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes. Mix it up, and refrigerate for a night. By lunchtime the following day, it is a delicious lunch salad. By far my favorite meal I've learned to make here within the last couple of weeks. Can you believe I've developed a fondness for octopus?

I should be going, though, because I have a little spreadsheet that I need to make and memorize. Remember I told you how I want to learn more about my students? It's harder than it sounds, as I have 12 classes of 40 students. Also, I should work on my presentation that I plan to give this week on how to make a blogspot account. Since the kids will be going to California again this year for their school trip, I want to try to make a forum where they can meet some of the kids before they go. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get this to work, and that makes me a little worried but I'd much rather be worried about things like that than all the other crazy shit going on in my silly, mental salad bowl.
So hope we can talk soon, love you, R.

This flower does not bloom until its 7th year. In the eyes of the Japanese, that is a special thing. I was not impressed, though I really wish I could have been. I wonder if learning to appreciate is a quality that can be learned.

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