Thursday, April 19, 2007


Chances are that you know me. Had we drinks together, then you must know me even better. If we get together purely for the sake of drinking, then we must be friends. Good friends. As I think back and conjure the faces and tales of the cohorts in my past, I grow full with nostalgia. By this stage in life, you might find that mannerisms repeat themselves. Obviously, the average lifetime spans far too long to forever continue to experience a constant state of novelty. All I mean to say is that there comes a time when the word "eventually" digs itself into your familiar vernacular. And "eventually", new acquaintances become what may seem like replacements to the old way, or a slow relay, of the dead.

This may seem depressing. But beware, vicissitudinous happens. Happens suddenly, like an uncomfortably, nescient dream. Like i said, it only seems depressing. While in reality, welcomed. Sure, people are people. Have been and will always be. But the advantage in recognizing people patterns becomes a quite delicious gift. I can recognize the shift of an eye, quite like the stain on your favorite shirt, much like the one I was responsible for. It remains quite the same, quite unchanged...again and again and again. "Master the seasons" cries the seasoned master, seized by disaster and everything after.

Baby the babies, lick all the maybes, straight toward the ladies.
There's the spaces between heaven, the earth and the places they call.......

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