Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Top Five in Safety Zoning

5) Team-Teaching room. Also known as the old audio-visual room. Chalk dust, pleasant natural lighting, koi pond view, male computer speakers, female ipod, perfect fit, great acoustics, 42 places to sit, colorful wall decorations, 2 TVs, 1 VCR, English/Japanese vocab lists posted everywhere, my own key, 4th floor, quiet, solitary, confining.

4)Crumbling ,abandoned, brick incinerator in the backyard. Dismantled in 1989. Brick dust, no roof, rusting metal hatch only a child could fit through, deemed "dangerous" by mother, secret movable brick hiding safe, perfect backdrop in imaginary Freddy games, cold to the touch even on a summer day.

3)Downstairs bottom closet space. #6 Mukuya-Motomachi, Shimada, Japan. Wooden roof, futon/electric blanket floor, computer, posters, pillows, stuffed animal, 2 recreational readings, jisho, Clair Elementary Japanese text-book 5, glass of water, blue paper lantern, lit.

2) Porn Treehouse gated within an abandoned shack by a man-made river ravine, Moreno Valley, California. Fleckled paint, missing 2nd stair, smashed and rotting avocado pits burrowed in mud, mosquito breeding pond, 1978 torn Hustler, gutted Michelin with pillows, handmade sandwich of leftover Thanksgiving turkey, a tangerine and 3 Bud lights.

1)Beneath the tri-fold wooden kitchen table. Commerce, California. 1984-88. Hot-box cigarrette smoke, early morning feeted pajamas, 2 generations of gossiping women, pillow, blanket, younger brother, almond cookie snuck, sweetened coffee snuck, cold kitchen linoleum, old twisted toes tucked away inside ankle socks and slippers.

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