Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This just in!

Apparently alcohol, in all of its delicious forms, affects the memory. Now that the studies have been finalized, I will do that annoying thing that newspaper editors do, and correct misprinted info.
1. Grace's britty friend is not named Den. It's something else that rhymes with it, but unfortunately I was under the influence during the correction convo, so I don't remember. Again. I know it is not Ben, Glen, or Ten. Damn, I thought it was Den! Fuck.
2. Also, Grace and her misnomer ACTUALLY WERE speaking French while arguing with the 2 many DJ agents. For some reason, it sounded fake to me. Whatever.

My intention in beginning with this pointlessness is to blame alcohol. But alas, I would never want to speak ill of an old friend, but rather just use it as a segway (that looks soooo wrong, but i just cannot be bothered to look up that bitch-ass-bitch in the dictionary) into this last weekend. Sorry to disappoint, but for this post I am going to keep things relatively vague.
1)I poured a plate of food into my lap. (No photo)

2)I hanami-ed

3)I stood in the middle of a river.

4)I caught a fish.

5)I saw a choo-choo.
6) Et cetera.

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