Thursday, April 12, 2007

Toki ni........

Many people believe in God. Others, in fate. Some have faith in the power of free will. Alot say they believe in nothing which includes not believing in themselves which probably isn't much fun. I am still not sure what, if anything, determines. I'd like to think that everything converges into one, what we kiddies like to call "timing". Traffic accidents, lottery winnings, love, death, children and earthquakes, all about timing.
Is that just a synonym for fate?

Probably, so shut up.

I want to write about my experiences but it is hard when they are still so new. It might be beneficial to allow time pass in order to better judge whether the experience is finished. That's why I think it's best to compose in later age. Give a span of 20 years or so after a brush with love, death, disappointing tax returns, et cetera. Because when an experience is too new, it excites the psyche and overwhelms the senses, and murkifies judgment. Murky minds are messy people.

Plan A? Just write and write and write about everything as it strikes you, and then when you are left with nothing but bruises and a failing memory, return and sort through the series of mistakes that guided your journey toward the impending. Don't wait too long though, because there are many holes in the earth just waiting to end your stroll above ground.

Plan B? Have another matcha shochu. AKA Fuck it.

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  1. jew no, the proper name for maccha shochu is "ochawari" so there you go.