Monday, October 09, 2006

Checkety Check Yrself

I suppose it is now a good time to introduce the players. So we will start with Stephy's Eye, Katie, Glen, Yo (notice that I am no longer making the peace sign, instead, I'm changing it to EASTSIDE!!!!! ow ow owow!, Monica, Stacie, Vince, then cross the table to the guy in the back right-Tom, then there is J-Friend Yoko, Shanna, Melody, not forgeting crazy Dave. Unfortunately, a very crucial character is missing...Spunky, another J-friend, our driver, a man with a very unique voice. Dave and Stephanie both can do awesome impersonations of this man who has given himself this name and refuses to tell anyone his real name. We are also pretty confused as to what how he spends his time. Rumors are that he is a taxi driver, who interestingly enough enjoys driving people around on the weekends mo (also). Omoshiroi like for sure.

Okay, so I was way too exhausted last night to finish this, so now I guess that I should finish putting up the rest of my pictures. On Sunday, I was separated from the group, due mostly to my silent wandering. Normally, when I needed to go check out some stupid detail over on the other side of the lake, I'd keep watch making sure the group was somewhere in sight, however, on this day, I lost them, and I flew solo. Though I forgot my money and phone in the bus, I did have my ipod which means I spent my time taking pictures, and just thinking alot. Though lonely, very peaceful. It actually was a very beautiful place, for sure.

These two are for people who like pretentious looking photography showing colorful multiples......

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