Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where's the Beef?

It's right here, with blogspot. I don't like how it limits the space of how many pictures you can put in a single posting. Booo! Anyway...anyone wondering where rice comes from? Well, not me....anymore. Watch this.

First, it grows in these tall, light green bushes for a while. A summer maybe? It soaks in a big puddle of water. I guess now time is harvest. This is when all the little grains begin to appear. and it is time to choppy choppy, baby baby.

Is this interesting? I don't know maybe. I like it. I like to see cycles. I also like to see and smell field fires....something really is nice about them.

I cried when i saw this. Then again, I was listening to Godspeed, you black emperor and wishing the person who wants to see this place the most isn't here seeing it with me. I did get my fortune from a temple, and one of the things it read was "the one in whom you are waiting for will be here soon."

One last look at......this.

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