Monday, October 09, 2006

Kinki---The Sequel

I finally managed to recuperate from Biwako around Thursday, which meant it was time to start right back up again on Friday. After school, I went home and read for a bit, wait, no, my mistake....bought 2 Asahi tall boys from the vending machine around my block, and yes, read. So I have decided that I feel much more comfortable buying beer from a vending machine even though it is about 50 yen more takai (expensive). The vending machine allows you the anonymity of making numerous returns to the perverbial beer tit, instead of being judged at the Konbini. I could have sworn i was given the crook eye last time I bought a sixer at 6pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Anywho, I waited for my company to arrive, and by that time, i was maybe 3 drink deep. Anyway, once Stephanie arrived, the weekend had begun. We drank, and talked and wondered how this trip would be. In the end, I guess the only word that could describe it is....uhhh, awesome! So Saturday morning began with our meeting the Shiz crew and J-Friends at the Shimada eki (train station). Thus, boarding the bus.

The bus-->about a 12 seater, fully stocked with an ice chest full of beer. The journey began at around 8am. As being hungover from our chatfest on Friday, I passed on the bi-ru (beer) for the first few hours of our drive. My head hurt but I knew that would be solved as soon as I felt comfortable to begin drinking again. It wasn't until after lunch that things began to get interesting. I believe that it was maybe during this point when our group came across our first japanese retard thus beginning a divide...those who like to make fun of retards, tell dead baby jokes, display the love of KinderSnuff, and be as ridiculous as possible, and then those who don't. I'm sure it is not difficult to guess which side I chose.
Our first official activity was in Nara. We went to some temple that I forget the name of, and is easy enough to look up, but I kinda don't care. What I do care about though, is that there was this gigantic buddha chillin' in this big building and I liked looking at it.

This guys just telling me that I've gotta chotto matte (wait) five minutes before my table is ready.
Again, I am cheating. This is not at Nara park. This is in Kyoto at that cemetary-esque place on the top of that one hill. Ya, you know...that one hill.
Ya so you know how the geese chill in Lake Merritt? Same idea here with the deer in Nara park.

Next, we hit up the kin-ji. Actually it is called something longer, but this is just my nickname for it, which means gold temple. Ya, so it was a golden temple on a behind a pond. There was a rooster on the roof.

And as for this, I just thought it nice, alright?

After this temple, we went to our ryoken (hotel, but not really hotel) and had dinner. I think this meal is called sukiyaki which is fry it yrself meat and veggies that you put into the pan, and then dip in raw egg. I was hesitant but then I saw everyone else do it, so i just said......fuck it!!! It was okay in the egg, but I'm still just getting used to it. It's a little weird and feels wrong but that always goes away quite fast.


  1. mummy9:49 AM

    eeeewwwwww eggs raw, i dont think so!

  2. mummy9:50 AM

    by the way... i dont think I would be able to get used to Raw eggs.. it gags me just thinking about it..

    i am so glad you are having fun

  3. R-izzle to the ayna5:05 PM

    Awe roni you look amazing!

    clearer skin...

    and what not


  4. rayna, clearly you must be drunk. im telling mom.