Monday, October 23, 2006

Me and my best friend, The Daily Yomiuri

So what, does Yomi-uri have something to do with Yomu? Ahhhh....Maybe it means reader? Who can say,(though I'm sure my dictionary can), but anyway, it was interesting to see that the US, though I'm tempted to just blame Texas, isn't the only place with psycho moms who kill their children.
Hey, wait, that maybe came out weird.
Sure I can always backspace, but I kinda liked my nonchalant comment on child abuse. No, but she was punishing the child for continuing to need diapers at age 3 by not feeding the kid, and also beating him. The child died of starvation after going the last 5-10 days without much food. The father is quoted as saying "I told her that not feeding the child would make him die, but she didn't believe me." The authorities found out about this by picking up his 6yr old sister on the side of the road at about dawn. What the......? This story reminds me of the woman from Texas who had voices tell her to chop off the arms and legs of her newborn daughter, wrap her torso in a blanket and walk around like a psychotic.

In other news, I was delighted to hear about how Malaysia and Indonesia are looking for some better ways to use all those palms they've got, so they hooked up with good ole buddy Japan to develop the technology of using palm oil as a substitute for regular oil. Brilliant. I'm curious to see how the US is going to stick their nose and destroy this threat to the financial lucrativity of the Oil they are willing to throw countless bodies in front of guns for.
Another interesting brownie point for palm oil is that increasing the plantation of Palms would be great for our CO2=>O2 conversion. Yay plants!

Lately, I am extremely interested in what is going on in Russia. I have found myself scanning the page for what's happening in Russia first. Don't know why, but I think it was because of that article I read about how much of the country is slowing sinking further and further into a depression. Not a financial depression, though much of it IS based on the poverty level in much of the country, but just depression in general. They have ridiculously high percentage rates of alcoholism, substance abuse, depression and suicide.

Two more stories linked to the U.S. First, yesterday I was reading a quote of Kim Jong, or KJ as his friends like to call him, saying that Russia, China and the rest of Asia should not be all up on the US's ass reading to kissy kissy. He called them shameful for allowing the United States to bully them into taking a sanction stance against North Korea. Though I agree, I have also seen T2, and I'm just so scared of big bombs. And any way that can stop more from being made, i'm into it.

The other side of the coin, though, is how up into Japan's shit the US is. Okay, okay, i wouldn't have this bomb ass job if it weren't like that...sure. But still, today's front page news was that the U.S. is returning some US Yokoto Air Base airspace back to Japan in leiu of expanding Narita airport. I felt like there were some details that were missing from this story. Such as, what were the terms of this agreement? Was there an exchange of money, or some other financially driven scheme? I mean, the US doesn't just give things back to people. Oh, except Panama, supposedly. My god, the things I learn when i read! I didnt know that Panama used to be the US's, but that it was given back. Well, why was it given back and what were those terms? And now that they are expanding the canal, which will eventually generate a great source of government funding, how will my country come and mess with it? Oh the suspense......

On a final note, I was a little disturbed by our president yet again. So Daddy Bush was quoted as saying, "If the Democrats win control of congress, I would hate to see what my son's life would be like..." What the fuck does that mean? And not only that, Baby Bush responded to ole Daddy by saying "He shouldnt be speculating...(because)...they're not going to win". Is this like on that November back in 2000 when he did his little wink and was like..."uh,, i have a feeeeling we will win the election...and this feeeeling seems to be coming from the south western tip section." Uh, all i can do is sigh and look away.


  1. Did you know that Palm Oil is also delicious!..Called Azeite-de-dendê in my language you love so much ;)tastes super oiishii wif sakana!..yay fo' energy we can eat!

  2. I read that same article about the starved kid--it happened in my prefecture. It's funny, like--the Daily Yomiuri never prints stories that are anti-government, but when they do print stories that portray Japan in a bad light, it's always a kid getting killed, or a kid killing his family. Weird, huh?