Monday, October 23, 2006

Smoking in Japan

There is quite a difference between smoking in California, Las Vegas, Europe, and Japan. In California, you know the rule....Zero Tolerance. That is, the laws have reached the point where technically it is wrong to smoke anywhere really. Parks have been banned, at UCB, signs are posted everywhere that you cannot smoke within 20 feet of any doorway. Public parks are also banned. In Vegas, you can smoke anywhere really. Europe is the closest to Japan in regards to the laws, however everything is in the state of change. Here, you can smoke in most restaurants and bars, but on the street, No. Well, there are designated areas where you can smoke, and that is usually marked by a sign and an ashtray. The ashtrays here have water at the bottom. Brilliant. I've posted a few pictures of the things I have encountered while being a smoker in Japan.

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