Tuesday, October 17, 2006

upon reading my last post.......

I decided that my stray from being a good girl, sounds so good girl-ish. But should I really describe what i wanna do, i'd be so fired. So there's that....I'm stuck here, being a good girl, at least on the internet we can see.

why i post things like this, i know not........prolly cuz im drizzy in the middle of the night....of all the things i'd like to avoid.

And so there's always this to amuse you........I can just hear the wifey saying...."oh so ya think tonight will be the night? Will i see a toaster just once in my life." Pachanga's got nothing on this bitch! If you can't tell from the pic or my dumb joke, he's playing the claw game for a toaster!

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