Monday, October 16, 2006

Three things you can do to feel like you are in Japan

1) Ride yr bike. Go ahead, mount that bitch. Ride it the next time you go to work, or the store. At around 9pm, get into yr PJs, put on some flip flops and ride your bike to the nearest convenient store and buy some beer. Call it Biru. Preferably purchase Kirin green label or Nodogoshi. Ride home very fast and feel the cold night air tingle yr toes, and ruffle yr hair. Trust me, it is fabulous.

2) Drink only whole milk. Don't waste yr time or calorie counting on 1 or 2 percent. And don't even think of soy milk anymore. Don't waste yr time on half gallons. Stick to small pints. Pour it on CoN FuRaIku or mix it into some hot green tea. Some hot, Shizuokian green tea. Ring me up, and I'll send you some.

3) Every place must be famous for something. "Oh, your mother lives in San Bernardino county?" What is that famous for? Uh....I don't know, crack houses? Crack capital of the world? There are mountains. Ya, ya, that's it, beautiful, snow capped mountains. Um, no, it is not higher than 3776 meters. So no, these mountains do not compare to yr Fuji-San.

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