Wednesday, March 14, 2007

April's pretty dumb too.......

I've spent the last hour or so looking for interesting spots to visit while in Osaka and Hiroshima next week. I brought my little mini Clair calendar with me to help plan my days.

With the page turned to March, I cannot help but feel that uncomfortably empathic embarrassment that sometimes comes when you see someone do something really, really stupid. Everytime I look at the March page of my calendar, I feel that.

A 3rd year named Jolene states "My most memorable moment: I was standing off to the side in class one day when Kazuki called me over and said 'Jolene, please share my chair'. It was his first attempt at speaking to me and we became instant friends."

What? Are you kidding me? Three years in Japan and THAT'S your most memorable moment? And who chooses this shit? Was it an inside joke between the editors....perhaps they were like.... "wouldn't it be funny if we actually printed this?" Is that how it went down? Two words, Hemet, California.

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