Sunday, March 11, 2007

Personal Box 1 1/2

Great name for a bar, in my opinion. It's been my little after-japanese class venue for the past 3 weeks, but maybe after a lil' end-of-the-night power struggles over musik...well, maybe I'll give it a rest for awhile.

I really only have a bit of choppy memories of leaving the bar. Well that and a bunch of photos of everyone kissing each other, which I may have to take the blame for, as it is one of my favorite drinking games. No worries, though, won't post....unless you want me, no, no...won't post.

Anyway, here's some photos of before I lost track of where everyone was, headed home with a stop at Lawson's for a goodnight beer, ran into Dave who informed me that peeps had gone back to Kate's, stood behind the Lawson's underneath the recycling cove drinking a beer with him hoping for the rain to chill for a minute, arrived at Kate's soaking wet, demanding my futon that I claimed I wrote my name on, only to awaken the next day with a yucky headache. Yeah, good times.

Sean and Rebecca representin' from the other Shimmy shim.......Shimizu!

8 ball corner shot? No wait, not yet!
Spent a bit of time laughing in the corner with Justin and Kayo.
Breaking from her pool jouzu-ness, Brooke poses with me and her pool stick.
This here's one of Glen's friends from his night lessons. Despite being reminded of his name countless times, I have forgotten once again. However, everyone knows who I'm talking about when mentioning "that cool, distinguished-looking Japanese fellow". Guess, here, he is mixing it up with a silly face.

Wish I could remember what was so funny.

Upon our venture in finding a cigarette machine, we found these guys instead. They played their tunes for us.
Stephy, my hat, and me.
Rachel and Brandon are great at having fun with, which i learned on Sunday when Rachel ditched church to spend a windy, Shimada day brunching, hiking, and Being John Malkovich watching.
And here we go into Sunday, chilling at the top of the city, pondering the sea's proximity in regards to tsunamis, mothers at JET interviews, and well, life in general. Another lovely weekend.

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