Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shimada vs. Covina

So, I'm not saying that just because American graduation ceremonies are bigger and more colorful, with most students having their whole family present with annoying props such as those hand horns, leis, and balloons.....that because of these reasons, that they are better or more interesting.
Because I will admit that while I yelled at my brothers for ditching Cynthia's ceremony (in which she was a speaker as senior class president) because they are too boring, I secretly envied Ricky's jerkish reply "I made a vow to never go to any other boring ceremonies after sitting through my wedding."

Walking in.....

I guess I thought that Americans and Japanese both shared the enthusiasm for buying unnecessarily large and colorful, while conpletely non-functional gifts like balloons and stuffed animals. But I guess not, because I saw very few parents with any congratulatory gifts for their kids.
Shoganai, ne?

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