Saturday, March 03, 2007

ここ が 家だ by Arthur Binard

I am not Jouzu at Japanese. I've only been in Japan for 8 months, and so I ain't no professional, aiiight? But saying that, here is a brief introduction to a the book. Also, I'm not trying to mess with copyrights or whatever....I'm just wanting to show you something that was very interesting to me. Perhaps you might share these interests.

A man built a house to live in.

Here in Yaizu, Japan both the town and the houses are full.

Where the tuna always swim, things that don't stop. The house of the tuna, a scattered sea.

Once the ships leave the harbor, man and tuna, the same.

The ocean of the north, south, east and west, connecting everyone. Here are the wide doors between worlds. (In this part, in japanese, the ocean names rhyme. It sounds nice when a Japanese speaker reads it to you. )
While the fishermen think at the front of the ship, the tuna nap. Are the tuna tuna swimming around the world now?
On January 22nd, 1954, on a splendid ship called DaigoFuku Maru, the Lucky Dragon, a group of 23 fisherman from Yaizu left for the sea. Family waved goodbye, already beginning to wish for the safe return of these 23.

The ship was everyone's home. Eating meals, sleeping, singing songs, and even sneezing together on the rocking waves. From Japan, the Lucky Dragon sailed east, then south, then again to the south about 4000 Km, passing an island called Midway.

On Feb. 7th, they began fishing for tuna. They put many sharp hooks on a rope to toss into the heavy fog of the sea. When the tuna bite, everyone becomes busy with the catch--pulling very hard. There were 100 kilos of tuna.

Somewhere in the Midway Sea, tuna could not be found. The waves were rough and part of the rope was breaking. They were headed further south toward the Marshall Islands, southwest about 2000 km away. On Feb. 27th, the Lucky Dragon wandered into the Marshall Island Sea just like a school of tuna. With little time for sleep, they rose to extend the rope a bit longer.
And then on March 1st at the brink of dawn........

Here is where I will stop. If you're interested in the rest of the story, buy the book.

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