Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This picture is taken across the river of a quite scenic T-shaped bridge. This placard shows the A-bomb dome before it acquired that name, back when it used to be a prefectural building.

My newest project is going to be reading more about the events of World War II. However, based on what I already know, and the version of history presented in the museum, I will just raise a few concerns of mine. Firstly, I believe that the sole reason the bomb was dropped was out of sheer curiousity. Sure, it satisfied many other American wartime goals, ending the war in the Pacific, justifying the massive amounts of military weapon spending, and proving to the world that might is right...but honestly. Things like this are not made without the purpose of use. Don't believe anyone who tells you this is not true.

This photo shows what was left after the explosion.

A closer photo of the A-bomb dome.

WMD. Three words that have been causing strife for many years. Currently, the US/UN is imposing sanctions upon Iran unless it stops Uranium enrichment processes that may be used for two very different purposes--energy or weaponry. The UN fears weaponry, Iran insists energy. Who can we trust with not only the ability to create, but these weapons of mass destruction themselves? Well guess who has the most? Well, I photographed it. Why does the US have over 5,000 atomic bombs? Sure, any hippy will say "Why have 1 or 10?" But 5000? Over 5,000? What?

Read this, then look at the picture below. This kind of power should not be in man's hands.

This was drawn by survivors of the bomb many years afterwards. The horror marked in crayon proves that some memories don't fade.


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