Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kyoto / Fushimi Inari

Fushimi Inari is a shrine dedicated to the Inari fox goddess, the deity of rice, harvest, farmers and fishermen. It is said the favorite food of the fox is sparrow.

The shrine.

The coolest thing about this place are the hundreds of toriis that make a path through the forest. Within the forest are more miniture shrines.

In many traditional restaurants, the menu looks like this. The food is written on the top and below is the price, all written in Kanji. Look at the 4th tablet from your left. This says すずめ 八八0. This means Sparrow. 880 yen. (this includes 2 of them. 880 is about $7.

So I ordered some Inari and すずめ。 I only asked for 1 stick of sparrow though. It was pretty gross. It tasted like liver, and was boney as fuck. But the Inari was probably the best Inari I've ever had. Yum.

I have watched people take some water in these ladles and pour it over both of their hands. I saw one guy gargle with it. Sick. Anyway, of all the times I was forced to go to church in my youth, I never once saw anyone gargling with holy water.

Here is where one tunnel turned into two. If you must know I chose the right side. I always choose right.

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