Sunday, March 04, 2007

Densha wo notte iru no....

Took local and 2 express trains all the way to Nozawa, Nagano. Took about 6 hours there, and 7 hours back. Took a new book, finished half of it. Took a notebook, and wrote most of the things that have been in my head lately. Took 218 pictures of my trip. Took a shower once I came home, and am now taking in a few posts before bed.

Nozawa, Nagano is a beauuuuuuuiful little town about an hour by train from Nagano-shi (city). I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore Nagano prefecture and traditional Japan. Arial view of the city from a gondola.First and foremost, this is a town of onsens. Most are FREE. Here's one where the building is made of wood.Here are some people enjoying a foot bath.You will see many people walking around in after-bathing clothes while strutting their traditional wooden bathroom shoes. Gotta have a picture of lanterns right?Nagano is famous for the following things: Skiing, onsens, soba, hiking, Man, apples and Nozawa. Above, is soba. God it's delicious, peeps from home, I order YOU to order IT next time you go to a Japanese restaurant. Man (pronounced the way you'd imagine Schwartzenegger to say it) are these tennis ball sized things made of doughy bread stuffed with various fillings either sweet, meaty, or soy sauce flavored veggies. They were everywhere and kept in these stacked steaming crates of wood. I didn't like them so much until I met kabocha-cheesu man. Yummy. Ya man, so man.
This is just hideous. The Katakana says mekishikan sando (Mexican sandwich, I'm guessing.) Another example of how Japanese make everything freakin' strange.

These are pickled Nozawa, named after the town they came from...or vice versa, depending on yr logic. It's similar to celery. They are probably cousins and should not marry.

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